Being a child should be the most magical time of our lives. Sadly some children are too poorly to have the wonderful experiences that they deserve. Believe in Magic is a charity that spreads a little magic to any child who is seriously or terminally ill. A little magic goes a long way!

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We can even arrange for a Professional Photographer to come and take pictures of your child or baby in hospital. A precious and priceless memory. Believe in Magic will also hold magical parties for children to come to and have fabulous fun! A chance to meet other children in a very special environment filled with smiles and magic, for children of all ages. Just being a 'normal' child for the day can mean so much to someone who is in pain or feeling poorly. Having a wonderful time also provides families with lifelong memories which are so important in very sick children’s lives.

We do anything we can to make a child smile and create wonderful memories! Believe in Magic arrange magical and once in a lifetime experiences for children of all ages, anything from being a Princess for a day, meeting their favourite celebrity or hero, publishing their own book, spending the day at the X Factor, riding in a racing car or walking out on the pitch with the England Football Team! Whatever they choose, we will make it truly amazing and very special! If your child is too poorly or is in hospital or a hospice we will send them a Magical Gift. Perhaps they would like a Nintendo DS, Ipod or Mobile Phone?

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